David Martin Jones

David Martin Jones

I am a political scientist, writer and commentator based in the UK and Australia. My research tackles thorny questions of statecraft, conscience and threat, and looks backwards into history for a better understanding of the way we live now and the choices we make. My areas of expertise include:

Political Thought and Statecraft War, Terror and Counterinsurgency East and South East Asia

Featured work

Featured Book

The Political Impossibility of Modern Counterinsurgency

Columbia University Press, New York

Co-author: M. L. R. Smith

The counterinsurgency (COIN) paradigm dominates military and political conduct in contemporary Western strategic thought. It assumes future wars will unfold as “low intensity” conflicts within rather than between states, requiring specialized military training and techniques. COIN is understood as a logical, effective, and democratically palatable method for confronting insurgency–a discrete set of practices that, through the actions of knowledgeable soldiers and under the guidance of an expert elite, creates lasting results.

“Concise, impeccably well structured and penetrating, this book provides the most insightful analysis yet of the theoretical underpinnings of insurgency warfare, and what this means for contemporary armed conflict.”

— Huw Bennett, Aberystwyth University


Recent writing includes: